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Ryan Johnson is a 25 year old remote disaster and humanitarian photographer and media liaison working for an international non-profit. Ryan has a B.S. in Radio/TV/Film and Religion and an M.A. in International Politics.
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Pragmatic Solidarity, Liberation Theology, and Health Care as a Human Right

Summary and Critique of Paul Farmer’s Book: Pathologies of Power Share! In Pathologies of Power, Dr. Paul Farmer, anthropologist and infectious diseases specialist, attempts to reframe the struggle for social and economic rights within the context of health and medicine, and offers some solutions to the growing inegalitarianism between the access to health and technology … Continue reading

The Indigenous Rights Regime, Its History, and Its Relationship With Regional and Global Human Rights

A review of Mauro Barelli’s: The Interplay Between Global and Regional Human Rights Systemsin the Construction of the Indigenous Rights Regime. In an article titled “The Interplay Between Global and Regional Human Rights Systems in the Construction of the Indigenous Rights Regime,” author Mauro Barelli documents the recent emergence of the global indigenous rights regime … Continue reading

Millennium Development Goals, Keeping the Promise

The UN General Assembly met on 12th February 2010 to discuss progress made toward the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in light of a 2015 target date. As was outlined by the original resolution, Secretary Ban Ki-moon has the duty of providing a report to the GA on current progress made. The 2010 report is broken … Continue reading

Germany and France’s Muslim Problem: Is Political Frustration the Cause?

The idea of a “Muslim siege,” stemming from the belief that all Muslims are challenging European’s assimilation policies, is driven primarily by islamaphobia, fear, and populism. Boukhars concludes by arguing that the absolute assimilation of Muslims in France and Germany must stop, and integration with political representation must be promoted. Continue reading

Is the Middle East Playing With Nuclear Dominos?

In an article published by Foreign Affairs titled “The Nuclear Domino Myth,” Johan Bergenas argues that a nuclear domino effect from Iran’s nuclear weapon’s program in the Middle East is an exaggerated theory with no historical basis. Bergenas points toward historical trends in nuclear arms races, the US nuclear umbrella, and the containment power of the NPT (non-proliferation treaty) as reasons to delegitimize the nuclear domino theory in the Middle East. Continue reading

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